Through this new channel, cities reach their citizens in a new way

How do you inform the people in your city quickly and easily? Digitally, of course! In addition to the existing channels of email, website, and social media, there is now an exciting new way to interact with citizens: Fan Tabs.

On average, a computer user opens a new browser window or tab 10-20 times per day. This is where Fan-Tabs comes in.

What is Fan-Tabs?

If you were to open a new tab in your browser right now, you would most likely see a plain white page with a small search bar – probably from Google. That’s exactly how most Internet users feel. But it doesn’t have to be that boring.

What’s in it for the citizen of a city?

With Fan-Tabs, the browser turns into a communication channel with the own city. With each new tab opened, the citizen sees large-scale multimedia content: Images, videos and even livestreams. Surveys and messages are also possible. The user can mark favorites and have them displayed more often. 

People who enjoy living in their city usually develop a deeper connection to it over time. Especially for these citizens, Fan-Tabs is a must. You open your browser in the morning and immediately see a beautiful picture of your favorite park, follow livestreams of the city or get news about current events.

This is what it could look like

Where can a citizen get Fan-Tabs?

Technically, it is a browser plugin for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, soon also for Safari. With two clicks from the respective browser stores, the extension can be installed and added. 

What can cities use Fan-Tabs for?

An easy-to-use online tool gives the responsible administrator of the city control over the content shown. Without any effort, images, videos, YouTube links, etc. can be added. Especially those that have been well received by citizens on social media or have been sorted out due to prioritization and could not be shown. 

The content you upload can serve a wide variety of purposes:


What’s happening in the city today? What were the decisions made in the city council? With pictures and videos of current developments, citizens can easily be informed. Livestreams from the mayor or press conferences can be loaded automatically and prioritized, if also available in a YouTube channel.


One’s own hometown triggers strong emotions. With the right pictures and videos of the city’s most beautiful places and events, you can always evoke feelings of home among your citizens and create attachment.

How to set up Fan-Tabs?

Want to offer fan tabs for your city and citizens? Create your own free version quickly and easily. Just fill in the following form. We will then send you an account by email:

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