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Live-Tabs Plugin

Privacy Policy

We at Live-Tabs are committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy applies to all our Browser Extension on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

Personal Information 

We do not collect, transmit or sell your personal or sensitive data such as cookies, authentication information, browsing history, web browsing activity etc. 

When using Live-Tabs, all data is stored in the local storage of the users’ borwser. This includes user preferences from using the like and dislike features as well as added personal contents like images and videos. Thus we collect no user data at all in order to guarantee a 100% secure use of or browser extension. 

We are using the YouTube Player as third party technology in order to display livestreams properly. To max out the safety of our users’ data we are using the privacy enhanced mode. Dispite this YouTube might still have track of usage data etc., just like watching a video on the platform itself. Find everything to their privacy policy in the following link: YouTube Privacy Policy

Your Live-Tabs Team