Livestreams of famous vacation resorts that look different during Covid

If you look at the live pictures from many popular cities these days, you will be reminded of the movie “I am legend” with Will Smith. In it, there is only one survivor of an epidemic in New York. The city is completely empty, but full of zombies hiding in the buildings.

Now, thank God, no zombie dystopia has struck us. However, some of you may get an impression of how the highly frequented sightseeing places in front of Corona look like today. It is exciting and instructive to get a real up-to-date impression of how the situation is at the respective former tourist magnets. 

This is possible via livestreams from all over the world! It is exciting to observe how political decisions can change the number of people on the streets within a few days. It is also surprising to see where in different countries of the world new shutdowns continue or suddenly exist, while elsewhere parties are celebrated as always.  

Example streams

Here is a small excerpt of livestreams of sightseeing locations that are available with the new “Live-Tabs” browser extension for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox when you open a new tab. 

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New York Times Square

Las Vegas

Live-Tabs – a door to the world as it really is in these times

The Browser-Plugin “Live-Tabs” let you experience hundreds of streams of beaches, animals, trains, space, sports, etc. Just 1-click install here for Chrome or Firefox and try it out!

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