A new way to reach hotel regulars

If you love your hotel or wellness resort, you want to spend as much time there as possible with your loved ones. 

Whether it’s a luxury hotel, guesthouse, ski lodge or spa, everyone also lives off their regular guests. 

They are the influencers who recommend to others where they should spend their free time and vacation. 

Making regular guests happy therefore means reminding them of the beauties of the local nature, pointing out new excursion options or offering special event promotions. 

Doesn’t social media already do all that? 

One way that a hotel can connect with its regular guests, its fans, so to speak, is primarily social media. 

With mobile apps like Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok, you can send livestreams, photos, videos, texts to guests quickly and easily. 

Fan-Tabs on your PC

People who work from home spend most of their time sitting at their computer or laptop. On average, a user opens a new browser window, also called a tab, 10-20 times per day. This is exactly where Fan-Tabs comes into play.

If you were to open a new tab in your browser right now, you would most likely see a plain white page with a discrete search bar – probably from Google. That’s exactly how most internet users feel. But it doesn’t have to look like that…

How about if you, as a regular guest of your favorite spa hotel, get more than a white background, in addition to the Google search bar? Latest YouTube videos, livestreams, photos, polls, notifications, etc. I.e. every time you open your browser, your hotel is with you and you are live.  

The user can mark favorites to show this content more often. For example, the sunset video of the infinity pool, surfer beach or pictures of the spa area or mountain peaks.

This is what it could look like

Where can you get Fan-Tabs?

Technically, it is a browser plugin for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, soon also for Safari. With two clicks from the respective browser stores, the extension can be installed and added to the PC browser. 

How do hotels use Fan-Tabs?

An easy-to-use online tool gives the responsible administrator of the hotel control over the content shown. Without any effort, images, videos, YouTube links, etc. can be added. 

Especially those that have been well received by fans on social media can be reused here.

Or even content that had to be sorted out and not shown due to prioritization on social media channels can be used. 

Why just show a photo from the Christmas party when you have a hundred. After all, the fan opens the browser very often and here “more is more”. 

A hotel therefore gets with fan tabs the opportunity to inform, entertain and involve the community. 

The hotel informs

What has happened or is coming up soon at the hotel or in the surrounding area? What were the top events this season? With pictures and videos from various locations in and around the hotel, fans can be kept up to date. Livestreams from the panorama view can be loaded automatically and prioritized in Fan-Tabs, if also available in a YouTube channel.

The hotel provides entertainment 

The favorite resort triggers strong emotions. With the right content from guests’ favorite moments and live event broadcasts, guests are motivated to come back soon.   

The hotel listens to the fans 

The regular guest who is currently working and sitting at his computer opens a new browser window and this time does not see a picture, video or livestream. No, the hotel management or the person responsible for social media asks the regular guests various questions, which they can quickly answer on their PC.

How do you set up fan tabs as a hotel?

You want to offer Fan-Tabs for your club and fans? Create your own free version quickly and easily. Just fill out the form below. We will send you an account via email. 

As a hotel admin, you will then receive a link that you can send to your regular guests via your existing channels, e.g. newsletter or social media. The user gets a preview of the content when clicking on the link and the possibility to install the fan tabs plugin for his browser with just one more click.

Furthermore, you can easily embed Fan-Tabs as a widget on your hotel website. This way guests can see the content and decide if they want to make their own browser their “hotel browser”.

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